This is a project to create a sports game that can be used for  fitness  by combining Scratch3.0, micro:bit, and exercise equipments.

Thanks to Scratchlink, we can connect the physical world with events in the screen. This project  senses the movement of exercise equipment with micro:bit and reflects it on the movement of  Scratchcat in the screen.
We use cheap exercise equipment, and some have replaced kitchenware.
Sports games can be played on Nintendo game console, but the significance of this project isthat children can experience STEAM + Sports (STEAMS) by creating their own games.
"Nekolympic" is a coined word that combines the Japanese "neko"(cat) and the Olympics.
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<Scratch Codes>
◆100m race
(↓for workshops)
◆Cycle race
◆Arm wresling
Boat race
Boat raceV2
(Unity version)*

*Using BLE-HID extension instead of Scratchlink

<Hardware example>
Nekolympic uses inexpensive training equipment and kitchen goods.
Bicycle inflator(for boat race)
Chopping board(for skate board)
Strap(for 100m race)
Armwresling trainer(for armwrestling)
Fitness bike(for cycle race)
Ladle(for golf)
Twist board(for ski)

<Introduced in a magazine "Kodomono Kagaku"(Science for children) August 2019 issue>

<Featured in TV news in August 2019>

<Introduced in a Scratch book written by Prof.Kazuhiro Abe and Prof.Manabu Sugiura>

<Introduced in the "Interface" magazine>

<Introduced in a TV show>

<Introduced in "AMD Kids Programming Camp">

<Demo at events>
March3 2019 Coder Dojo Moriya

March31 2019 A event for teachers "WATCHA!?Programing"
Skateboard 100m race
Cycle race

May4,5 2019 Maker Faire Kyoto2019
Arm wrestling and Skateboard

May11 2019 Scratch Day in Tokyo

May26 2019 Scratch Day Kashiwa

June9 2019 Scratch Day Shinshuu

August4 2019 Maker Faire Tokyo 2019
micro:bit Asia Pacific manager
Mr.Waris Candra↓

February15,16 2020年 Tsukuba Mini Maker Faire 2020

May2,3 2020 Maker Faire Kyoto 2020(Cancelled due to the COVID-19,we exhibited at analternative online event.)

May23,2020 Virtually Maker Faire
July23~25 2020 Scratch Conferance 2020 at MIT
(Postponed due to  the COVID-19)
July21~24 2021 Scratch Conferance 2021 at MIT

Dec 3~5,2021 micro:bit Live2021
May4,2022 A workshop was held at the "GIGAGIG" event for teachers.

Dec3,4 2022 Ogaki Mini Maker Faire 2022

April29,30  2023 Maker Faire Kyoto2023
←Mr.Gareth Stockdale
  Micro:bit Educational Foundation CEO,trying the Nekoiympic.

May13,14  2023 mk.ctrl.Japan5 in the Gamemarket 2023 spring

May20  2023 Scratch Day in Tokyo 2023 at the Aoyamagakuin Univ.

July20  2023 Scratch Conferance 2023(Online)
Click here to show recording.

Aug25-27  2023 mk.ctrl.Japan7 in the Shibuya Sakuragaoka Gamecenter

Oct14-15  2023Maker Faire Tokyo 2023  in micro:bit champions & friends

Oct20-22  2023 Maker Faire Rome 2023

Nov11-12 2023 Maker Faire Shenzhen 2023

Nov2 2023 Programming cafe for kids in Takamatsu city

Nov26 2023 Sanuki X Game 2023 in Takamatsu city

Dec 8-10 2023 make.ctrl.Japan 8 in G-EIGHT GameShow in Taipei

Dec 27 2023 Jimokids Festival 2023 Winter in Tokyo

Jan 28 2024 Tokyo Progaraming contest for children

Feb 25 2024 Makers Festival in Nagaoka city

May18-19 2024 make.ctrl.Japan 9 at the Yomiuri-Land in Tokyo

May26 2024 Scratch Day Tokyo 2024 at the Aoyama Gakuin Univ.